The “sourcing” service, as intended by the Imagro organization, covers all phases and related activities of supply chain, starting from the identification of customer needs until  its implementation in terms of product qualification and development of production process.


The typical “sourcing” process is developed by the Imagro organization through a methodology that provides:

identification of procurement needs, normally carried out through group work sessions with customers’ purchasing, design and technology department;

search and qualification of eventual new suppliers to meet the customer requirements, based on:

– analysis with potential new suppliers of the functional and technical specifications provided by the customer;

– pre-qualification of potential new products based on audits relating to quality, technology and organization;

– customer support and assistance during the final audits for the qualification of the chosen supplier and product;

– definition and impementations of the production process;

– product and process approval according to customer quality standards

– definition of contracts for the entire supply chain management flow.

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