what we do

Today’s business environment requires the ability to effectively work with suppliers around the globe while minimizing response time, inventories, and risk. Unfortunately, many factors such as language, government regulations, cultural differences and costs make finding and managing a global network of suppliers a difficult task. Imagro specializes in eliminating these barriers and finding suppliers that can offer you a competitive advantage. From roll formed metals to sophisticated automation equipment, Imagro can find, qualify and manage your global supplier network. Imagro will also manage inventory, currency exchange risks, and logistics.

Working closely with our partners, Imagro will help make your new product introductions a success. Imagro team members will assist you in all stages of your new product introduction. From design to the management of the logistic procedures, Imagro will reduce your risks and costs at every stage:


Material selection
Cost assessment and reduction analysis
Design for manufacturability
Researching potential suppliers
Identifying and qualifying suppliers
Submitting the First piece approval paperwork
Packaging design
Ship testing
Supply chain management

Processing orders
Managing logistical processes including Customs
Balancing inventory
Invoicing and billing
Imagro also offers project management services for significant overseas capital expenditures.

Please browse the following sections of the website to find a description of Imagro expertise in each of these phases of the sourcing process:

research and identification of new potential suppliers to meet customers requirements

the definition and allocation of production processes for customized solutions

the management and tracking of stocks and shipments

competitive intelligence, cost assessment and project management


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