One of the main reasons why new projects fail is the misunderstanding of business and quality expectations. This is can be particularly challenging in case of global sourcing.

While most global suppliers have excellent technological or labor advantages, many times they lack the resources and the experience to meet the expectations of large multinational manufacturers. This can be due to cultural differences and/or language barriers. Imagro understands the demands of global manufacturers and ensures that all suppliers unequivocally understand and meet the expectations in terms of price, quality, and delivery.

Imagro’s sourcing service covers the entire process, from the identification of your sourcing needs, to the product and process qualification and the formal definition of all the related contractual terms.

Imagro’s typical sourcing process includes:

  • Identification of our customer’s sourcing needs, normally developed through on site meetings with our customer’s procurement, engineering and technology departments.
  • Research and qualification of the proper suppliers based on:
    • pre-qualification of the potential suppliers based on quality, technology and business audits
    • analysis, with the potential suppliers, of the functional and technical specifications submitted by the customer
    • customer support and assistance if an additional customer audit is required of the potential supplier
  • Process, product and business implementation, which includes
    • review with the supplier of technical, functional and quality specifications
    • definition of process industrialization
    • process and product approval (sample submittal, first piece report, process capability analysis, quality control plans)
    • definition of supply contracts and all related aspects (delivery terms, payment conditions, warranties, exchange rates, raw materials fluctuations)


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