The access to reliable information may be considered the most valuable resource for the success of any business. This is especially true in a highly competitive and rapidly changing environment of supply of materials, components and technologies in the industrial sector.

Similarly, a commercial action plan requires a knowledge of the market and key players in the specific market. Thanks to its network Imagro is able to propose and facilitate the establishment of partnerships to maximize the effectiveness of commercial actions. Thanks to this approach, in recent years, Imagro successfully launched major collaborations, joint ventures and agencies at international level.

Imagro currently provides consulting services such as:

  • assessment of purchasing costs, where our experts work together with procurement departments to identify areas of potential savings in the current sourcing activity;
  • competitive intelligence on all main materials and parts that are involved with appliance manufacturing;
  • cost reduction projects, where the goal of reducing the cost of purchased materials on existing projects is achieved not only through the proposal of different suppliers under the same technical specification, but also by proposing different technical solutions (materials characteristics, industrialization processes);
  • project management for new supplier- and/or new product introduction and sourcing of new manufacturing technologies
  • market evaluation for new products and technologies where our customers plan to open new markets for new products and new technologies;
  • business planning for agencies’ establishment;
  • local partners’s research and assessment for proposal of partnership to corporations


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