Industrialization is a key process to the proper implementation of manufacturing processes that can grant an adequate level of quality and cost competitiveness.

The challenge in today’s appliance business is to provide unique solutions that create a competitive advantage. Imagro can provide you with that competitive advantage using solutions like:

  • new aesthetic qualities that require the definition of materials with new appearance;
  • new functions, that require the manufacture of new electromechanical or electronic devices;
  • new and more cost-effective production processes in the fields of metal and plastic stamping and forming, tube welding and forming.

In all these cases the proper process industrialization is a key success point and Imagro provides extensive support by:

  • identifying a group of best-in-class suppliers in the specific field
  • co-analysing the product and process requirements, in terms of quality, productivity, and cost
  • selecting the most appropriate process and related supplier
  • following up on the implementation and testing of the process capability with the most updated quality control tools


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