The knowledge that an efficient logistics management is one of the main factors of each industrial success story is deeply rooted in the Imagro’s DNA.

In the current globalized market, new approaches to logistics are needed. Logistics is no longer considered as a single stage of the distribution process but as the basic setting of the process.

Imagro over the years supported its global partners by providing them specific solutions to specific market situations. From creation of plastics distribution hub in Italy, United Kingdom and Egypt to the consignment stock management of components for the appliance industry, Imagro has contributed to its partners’ success.

Imagro’s logistic organization is mainly specialized in the following activities:

  • consignment stock management;
  • just in time delivering;
  • optimization of logistics flows;
  • optimization of load volumes and storage;
  • customs operations management;
  • cost optimization
  • daily monitoring of stock levels and shipping.


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